Mobile Applikationen: das Sorgenkind der Unternehmens-IT

Fünf Monate dauert es im Schnitt, bis ein Unternehmen seine mobilen Applikationen auf neue Software-Versionen mobiler Endgeräte angepasst hat. So lautet das niederschmetternde Ergebnis einer von Vanson Bourne durchgeführten Untersuchung.

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NovaBACKUP DataCenter für DCS Awards 2013 nominiert - NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.0 gelangt in der Kategorie Datacentre Storage Software Produkt ins Finale der Datacentre Solution Awards 2013

Die Jury der DataCentre Solution Awards 2013hat NovaBACKUP DataCenter von Datensicherungsspezialist NovaStor in das Finale des diesjährigen Wettbewerbs gewählt. Zusammen mit Produkten von Veeam, FalconStor und EVault wurde NovaStors NovaBACKUP DataCenter als „Datacentre Storage Software Product of the Year“ nominiert

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Neuer Firefox 23 blockiert gemischte Inhalte: SSL-gesicherte Websites schon jetzt auf „Aurora“ vorbereiten

Die neue Version des beliebten Browsers Firefox wirft ihre Schatten voraus. Die 23. Auflage mit dem Code-Namen „Aurora“ soll am 17. Mai offiziell erscheinen

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Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung für den „Informationsmotor Analytics“: Über Smartphone und Co. Nutzer eindeutig identifizieren - Big Data-Infrastrukturen tokenlos absichern Autorin: Julia Manderbach, freie Journalisti Zettabyte – diese Datenmenge überschritt das globale digitale Universum erstmals im Jahre 2010, laut der IDC-Studie "Extracting value from Chaos". Die Sammlung, Verarbeitung und Analyse dieser enormen Datenmengen wird in der IT-Welt unter dem Phänomen „Big Data“ zusammengefasst. Um diese Informationsmasse handhaben zu können, bedarf es riesiger Infrastrukturen. Bedenkt man den Wert der Daten, die dort kursieren, darf die Sicherheit keinesfalls zu kurz kommen: Nur autorisiertes Personal sollte über Zugriffsrechte verfügen. Dies können Unternehmen einfach und flexibel mittels tokenloser Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung gewährleisten.

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Four out of five businesses (80%) have little or no visibility of data movement

But 64% of British business professionals admit managed file transfers are "vital" to data security, with the majority taking collective responsibility and just 3% blaming IT.

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Brits value their digital assets at nearly £15,000

A new global report from McAfee reveals the price that Brits place on their digital assets, demonstrating the value that society now places in these intangible items.

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Passgenaue Virtualisierungskonzepte - Moderne IT-Infrastruktur vom Profi: bdT bietet individuelle Konzepte

Immer mehr kleinere und mittlere Unternehmen setzen auf die Virtualisierung ihrer Unternehmensserver und sorgen dadurch für eine eklatante Verschlankung der IT-Umgebung und Vereinfachung der Administration

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Cloud security turns off 92% of IT decision makers

The fear of security threats is preventing 92% of IT decision makers from adopting the cloud, according to an infographic released today by global web hosting company PEER 1 Hosting. The infographic, based on the results of a survey of 120 IT professionals, revealed a number of concerns when weighing up the cost of the cloud.

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A radical shift in security needs

By Ian Kilpatrick, chairman Wick Hill Group, specialists in secure infrastructure solutions.

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46% of employees admit to bypassing security

Meanwhile, 40% admitted that if they were breached no one would notice.

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BeyondTrust survey reveals virtual insecurity among organizations

As an answer to industry challenges identified in the survey, the company has released Retina Plug-in.

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Majority underestimates risks

Despite best practices, organisations failing to secure primary attack target for cyber-attackers; more than half of all businesses share privileged account access internally.

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Innovator, Firefighter, or Ghost?

Cisco global survey reveals insight into IT’s impact on the business.

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Lancope releases industry report on APTs and Incident Response

Report sheds light on rapidly evolving threat landscape and how organisations can more effectively address new attacks.

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Organizations in Western Europe Increasing IT Storage Budgets

Analyst report compares data storage trends in Western Europe and North America.

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Or Lenchner, CEO, Bright Data, discusses the growing importance of ESG data, outlining the challenges of accessing, collecting, collating and analysing the many available data sources, and suggesting that improved government guidance and regulation is the way forward, along with the right analytics solution.
Wes Van Den Berg, Vice President and General Manager, UK&I, Pure Storage, provides an update on recent developments at the company, including the launch of the FlashBlade//S family of products and the introduction of the Evergreen//Flex.
Charles Hunsucker, General Manager Americas and Data Centers at Kohler Uninterruptible Power, explains how its entire range of mission critical diesel generators is now compatible with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) – the latest development in the company’s sustainability focus.
Christoph Berentzen, Divisional Head API & Open Banking at Commerzbank, provides a fascinating insight into the organisation’s decision to move away from the traditional IT approach of batch processes, file transfers and the like to an API-powered architecture as a crucial part of its digital transformation roadmap.

Expert Opinions

By Graham Jarvis, Lead Journalist – Business and Technology
Dr Nando de Freitas, a lead researcher at Google’s DeepMind, recently grabbed tech headlines with his claim that humanity is closer than ever to creating artificial general intelligence. Although hotly contested by many in the sector, this type of technology would have a profound impact on the business community, its operations and how it approaches customer interactions. Instead of training algorithms on existing data sets, super AI might be able to listen, read emotion and extract information in a way that mimics human understanding.
By Simon Bennett, CTO EMEA at Rackspace Technology