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Vantage Data Centers completes £600 million transaction Company concludes its 10th securitization since 2018 and ninth green financing to drive continued, sustainable developments across the region.
Equinix building new data centre in Lisbon With a second data centre in Lisbon, Equinix is supporting Portugal as a strategic hub for terrestrial and subsea cable networks, strengthening country’s position as a gateway between the Atlantic and Europe.
PEAK:AIO addresses power, density and ransomware Archived and auditable, PEAK:ARCHIVE enables AI decisions to be traced back to their source providing robust support for audit trails and potential regulatory demands.
New datacentre doubles as a green urban space in the heart of Oslo Skygard sets itself apart in the data centre market. Drawing on the competencies of international engineering consultancy COWI, the Norwegian company is creating highly secure, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly operations in the centre of Oslo.
Arrow Electronics signs VMware distribution agreement with Broadcom in Europe Arrow Electronics has signed a new distribution agreement with Broadcom for VMware solutions covering 20 European countries. Under the new agreement, Arrow continues to serve the channel in the countries where they were a VMware distributor prior to the acquisition by Broadcom, as well as in Czech Republic, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Switzerland.
Fivetran introduces new Managed Data Lake Service Data teams are jumpstarting their generative AI and LLM initiatives with Fivetran Managed Data Lake Service by improving the quality, completeness and timeliness of enterprise data and reducing the complexity of managing data integration.
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AI - friend or enemy?

AI is here to stay. The only question is how your organisation responds to the challenges and opportunities artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT et al represent. For some, AI seems to represent the end of civilisation as we know it; for others, AI is the only game in town. As ever, the reality lies somewhere in the middle, but there's no doubt that, in order to survive, let alone thrive, in the digital world, you can't afford not to have a plan when it comes to AI!
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