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Crossword’s Trillion protects Spanish Public Administration Spain’s National Cryptological Centre deploys Trillion solution to provide a central view of threats across the public administration, and protect hundreds of thousands of users.
virtualDCS appoints new channel account executive IT backup, recovery and data management expert, Jeniya Klimova, who has spent the past five years working at global software company, Veeam, has joined the team at cloud computing and disaster recovery specialists, virtualDCS, as a channel account executive.
Data centre investment and Covid-19 - catalysts for accelerated cloud adoption in Africa Console Connect has launched the second edition of its Africa Interconnection Report, researched by analyst firm Balancing Act, to understand the drivers and barriers to cloud adoption in the region.
EDF in the UK exceeds end-user expectations Digital Experience Management solution provides EDF in the UK with real-time visibility of end-user experience by delivering actionable insights to inform remediation, improve employee productivity, and transform IT operations.
NTT launches 360 Observability NTT has launched 360 Observability - the managed service allows organizations to achieve deep visibility over their cloud-native applications, and hybrid IT and multicloud infrastructure correlated to business context across the entire IT stack.
Tech skills lag behind pace of digital transformation A lack of candidates with coveted IT, cloud computing and AI skills is further compounding recruitment issues as digital demands continue to grow, causing businesses to seek alternative talent pools.
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