Enabling enterprises to achieve Internet Resilience

Catchpoint has introduced a new set of innovative capabilities to advance its Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) Platform.

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This launch includes new and enhanced capabilities that make the award-winning Catchpoint IPM Platform even more valuable and effective for organizations that rely upon the Internet. Key features include: 


Internet Weather – A completely new capability enhancing Catchpoint’s Network Experience solution by displaying the real-time status of key Internet services across the globe. In addition, this solution enhances Customer Experience as well for SRE/DevOps professionals. Internet Weather leverages Catchpoint’s unparalleled global observability network to show outages in real-time for over fifty of the most commonly used CDN, DNS, IaaS/PaaS, ISP, UCaaS, SaaS, SECaaS, social media and marketing technology systems. Its clickable, interactive and customizable display makes it trivially easy to answer the question, “is the outage caused by my code or infrastructure or by third party services (e.g., CDN, DNS, SaaS) I rely upon for service delivery.” 


“Here at The Washington Post, we recently had a situation where several alerts were firing. We couldn't pinpoint root cause and our cloud provider's status was all green. After troubleshooting for nearly thirty minutes, we determined that the issue was with another critical service provider on which we rely. If Internet Weather had been in place, it would have proactively flagged the outage and helped us discover root cause much more rapidly," said a Technical Architect, The Washington Post.


"Being able to spot a particular outage in a particular provider before our enterprise customers can even see it goes great with the proactive monitoring we already do. We can tell them, ‘It looks like AWS might have an issue, and your origins are there, so heads up.’ We’re always trying to find those problems before they actually become a support case, so this is another layer to that," said a Principal Product Support Engineer at a Leading CDN Company. 


Traceroute Enhancements – Network Experience has been further improved with enhanced visibility into advanced traceroute details showing Path MTU, TCP, MSS, and MPLS. Users gain a more detailed, hop-by-hop view of each network path to pinpoint latency, jitter, packet loss and other key metrics. The result is instant visibility that lowers MTTR and helps make network traffic engineering more proactive. 


Carbon Control - In pursuit of digital sustainability, Catchpoint introduces Carbon Control as part of its Website Experience solution. There are many resources and services associated with loading a website: from its images to JavaScript all the way down to hosting providers. Carbon Control is a new capability that lets users of WebPageTest discover a website’s carbon footprint. It exposes every resource that impacts your per-visit-CO2 emissions, lists the hosting providers being used that operate on renewable energy, and provides actionable insights (such as the use of specific technologies like text and image compression) to aid in reducing the website’s environmental impact.   


Enterprise Light Nodes – Catchpoint’s Network Experience and Workforce Experience solutions are now enhanced by the introduction of Enterprise Light Nodes. Similar to existing Catchpoint Enterprise Nodes that allow users to deploy comprehensive testing points in any corporate location, Enterprise Light Nodes provide network focused functionality at large scale and at a much lower cost in terms of hardware requirements and maintenance. The result is an inexpensive, simple-to-deploy node that can extend the user’s testing network in locations without skilled operators on site or significant server hardware and can easily scale to thousands of locations. A large retail chain, for instance, is utilizing our Enterprise Light Nodes to monitor Internet Performance in each of their retail locations across the United States.


SLO Tracking – The Catchpoint Platform now makes it easier than ever for users to know if they are meeting business Service Level Objectives (SLOs) targets on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis and thereby meet their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The new SLO monitoring capability provides flexibility and automation for reporting SLO attainment based on performance metrics and objectives for a user’s existing tests. Users can create SLOs on performance metrics (including availability and test time), realize greater control over rules for how a metric/test meets or violates defined SLO criteria, and see details at a glance with a new and improved SLO data visualization. The result is better alignment between IT investments and business results, in addition to the ability to hold service providers accountable to their availability commitments. SLO data can be exported into other observability tools to gain a consolidated view of service-level attainment. 


Playwright Support – Catchpoint’s Customer Experience solution is now enhanced with support for the Playwright scripting language, allowing playwright scripts to be run on Catchpoint. This makes it easier than ever to include new or existing Playwright scripts in your monitoring strategy with little to no changes.  


“VMware users expect their services to be available. Always. Catchpoint has been a critical piece for us to quickly identify and resolve issues in ways that no other service providers,” said Gregg Ulrich, Senior Engineering Manager at VMware. “The new SLO dashboard feature greatly simplifies our availability measurement and reporting. With minimal effort, we can consistently configure our SLOs across services free from interpretation and, at times, contention. The time and effort we spend preparing for service reviews has dropped to zero. We now use that time to improve our services and, of course and expand the use of Catchpoint.”  


The Catchpoint Platform has also been enhanced with a new, easier-to-use documentation portal as well as the regular addition of new nodes and vantage points to our unparalleled global observability network, bringing the total number of vantage points to over 2500 distributed across 88 countries. This includes 1160 synthetic nodes and 1370 BGP peers. 


The latest additions, which include new backbone nodes in Ghana and Nigeria, provide Catchpoint customers with an even more comprehensive view of the entire Internet Stack from a global perspective. Combined with the ongoing integration of new technology from Thundra.io for advanced API and microservices monitoring, this proves that Catchpoint is continually ‘bringing the thunder’ to the Internet Resilience and Internet Performance Monitoring space.   


“With Internet Resilience now a business priority at the executive level and more asked daily of IT, Network Operations and SRE teams to fulfil on this, we at Catchpoint are dedicated to continually enhancing our IPM Platform,” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint. “The enhancements in this launch prove that we are dedicated to bringing the cutting-edge features that our customers – and the IPM market – are demanding.”   

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