Synaptek and Zenoss partner to deliver a 'first' in the IT service desk of the future

Synaptek, the intelligent automation specialists, and Zenoss, a leader in Intelligent Application and Service Monitoring,have formed a partnership that’s said to be the first of its kind in the UK IT Operations Management sector.

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The two innovative companies come together to deliver an AIOps solution that will revolutionise IT Operations and enable the IT service desk of the future. 

Karl Nicholson, CIO, Synaptek, explains, “AIOps uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse and interpret IT operational issues at speed, enabling faster issue resolutions and a reduction in system downtime. There are many AIOps solutions available, but this partnership introduces something new. We put your strategic goals at the heart of the solution, then connect systems across the business and automate AI-enabled actions to predict and resolve IT issues faster than ever before to ensure your systems stay online and ready for business.


Why AIOps is so important today


90% of the data in the world today has been generated in the last two years.” IBM report.


Never before have IT teams had to manage such vast amounts of data and even the most capable IT teams will struggle to cope with the volume of information now generated by IT events across businesses. Manual analysis and interpretation of the copious system alerts and outage information can result in slow decision making and delayed issue resolutions.

AIOps platforms are able to analyse and interpret this mass of data in milliseconds.

AI is able to bring to the surface meaningful insights on the most likely root causes of issues so IT personnel are not bombarded with the usual alert noise and can make decisions faster.

In addition to the data insight, AIOps automates actions and learns over time to predict future events and take preventative measures before an issue even occurs. However, these automated actions need context to ensure the right outcomes are achieved, and this is where human input is essential.

Jamie Boyton, Senior Director of Business Development and Channels, Zenoss, explains, “AIOps delivers big data management, alert analysis and valuable insights at speed, but the context of the actions and outcomes that need to follow must be defined to enable effective automated resolutions. This is where the partnership with Synaptek adds value. Synaptek design and automate the actions required following the identification of the root cause of an issue, reducing mean time to resolution and enabling predictive actions that prevent outages in the first place. Put simply, Zenoss diagnoses the issue and Synaptek automates the fix. It’s a real game-changer!”.

The benefits of the right AIOps solution

The ability of AIOps to speed up problem-solving and automate actions means IT Ops personnel have more time to focus on value-added tasks and innovation. With this extra time, IT teams can take a more holistic view of business processes and strategic goals, and play a central role in providing data insights that inform decisions.

The key to success in AIOps adoption is to choose a vendor that can understand the context of your business processes and work with you to design a solution that frees your IT team from time-consuming, mundane tasks.

The result of the right solution will be a more sustainable, agile business with fewer IT outages, significant cost savings and improved employee and customer satisfaction.

Nicholson continues, “This partnership enables wall-to-wall visibility of IT system performance and delivers a new level of IT Ops management that makes the work of IT teams simpler and more valuable. Plus, businesses will be better able to harness the vast amount of data they’re processing to make more informed decisions.”.

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