Palo Alto Networks delivers more autonomous cybersecurity

Powered by Precision AI, copilots will supercharge security team productivity and improve security outcomes.

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Palo Alto Networks has shared its vision for fully autonomous security. As part of that announcement, the global cybersecurity leader introduced three new copilots that combine the power of generative AI (GenAI) with a proprietary collection of high-precision cybersecurity technologies. Strata™ Copilot, Prisma® Cloud Copilot and Cortex® Copilot are seamlessly embedded in each of Palo Alto Networks leading security platforms, respectively. These next-generation assistants, powered by Precision AI™, help eliminate complexity in daily operations and drastically improve productivity for security teams.

"When GenAI went mainstream, we had a vision that it could be an incredible tool for autonomous security — we saw beyond the capability of simply providing answers, it could drive actions. To fulfill its promise, more innovation was needed," said Lee Klarich, chief product officer, Palo Alto Networks. "By combining GenAI with other key technologies, we've improved precision and enabled actionability. This is the first step toward realizing our vision, brought to life via our Precision AI-powered copilots, radically improving security team productivity and security outcomes."

GenAI holds tremendous promise for addressing specialized security tasks when combined with key technologies such as prepackaged automation, machine learning, strong guardrails and fine-tuning of models. Precision AI is Palo Alto Networks proprietary, innovative approach to AI that combines GenAI along with machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) capabilities to create more effective assistants, leveraging comprehensive data and proven playbooks to offer guided automation and actionable insights. With Precision AI, copilots become more effective assistants by leveraging rich data and proven playbooks to offer actionable insights, automation and guided actions.

"Generative AI promises to help security teams be more effective in their job through natural language interfaces," said Scott Moser, SVP and CISO at Sabre. "The ability for more team members to query firewalls and all of the security tools using a natural language interface is extremely valuable in ensuring a very quick response to security threats, as well as getting better answers to the questions they ask."

Strata Copilot, Prisma Cloud Copilot and Cortex Copilot, use the power and simplicity of natural language to help security analysts quickly and easily find, understand and stop threats before they turn into trouble. Seamlessly integrated across Palo Alto Networks industry-leading network, cloud and security operations platforms, these copilots guide analysts through every step of their day-to-day tasks, enabling them to investigate incidents faster, optimize their workflows, proactively stay ahead of emerging threats and take action.

Palo Alto Networks Platform Copilot integration:

Strata Copilot works with the Strata Network Security platform, including both SASE and NGFW deployments, and is accessed through Strata Cloud Manager.

Prisma Cloud Copilot supports the entire Prisma Cloud, Code to Cloud™ platform, assisting in risk prioritization, remediation, threat detection and reporting.

Cortex Copilot is delivered through the Cortex XSIAM® platform, enabling a more efficient and effective SOC.

Palo Alto Networks vision is to deliver true learning assistants where every interaction enhances the capabilities of the copilot. The drive toward autonomous cybersecurity will empower security teams with faster, more accurate knowledge and insights when needed and enable copilots to:

· Answer product knowledge questions in the context of your environment.

· Explore and visualize app, user, and threat activity.

· Answer targeted questions about your environment.

· Guide configuration to the optimal state.

· Search for details around an IoC (e.g., IP address, FQDN, URL, domain, hash, etc.).

· Assess the impact and coverage of a threat or CVE.

· Perform complex remediation actions initiated with simple, natural language requests.

· Assist in quick product navigation.

· Open support cases with issue details automatically collected and proactively submitted.

Palo Alto Networks new copilots powered by Precision AI are available in private preview. 

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