launches to streamline cyber security management

New platform launched to offer organisations with a unified view across their entire cyber security estate.

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Cybaverse has launched - the platform has been designed to streamline cyber security management, offering cyber teams with the ability to pull all their security efforts and data into one place, enabling them to easily track and remediate threats, before they cause business harm.

Cybercrime is today’s top business threat, and its impacts can seriously damage organisations both physically and virtually. But defending networks against cybercriminals has become an immense challenge for most businesses. To keep safe today, organisations must adopt multiple security tools and processes, while employees need to be trained and systems and devices need to be continually tested and updated to manage and mitigate vulnerabilities. This all adds significant pressure to security teams, who must navigate across multiple vendor tools to understand the overall risk posture of their organisation. has been designed specifically to tackle these challenges. The platform sits above security integrations and provides teams with a unified view across their entire cyber estate. This streamlines project management, enhances efficiency, and alleviates the workload of inhouse teams.

The platform allows security teams to easily track and manage security in real-time. It also offers up to date information on penetration testing, vulnerability scans and regulatory compliance accordance, as well as a marketplace for organisations where they can purchase vital cybersecurity services, which are delivered by the Cybaverse team.

“Cyber security is no longer an optional requirement for businesses. To survive in the digital age, it is a necessity, not only to protect enterprise assets, but to meet regulatory compliance requirements and to achieve cyber insurance. Our platform has been designed to enhance the overall management of security, offering a streamlined approach where weaknesses can be more easily identified and remediated before they escalate into incidents. We started Cybaverse as a boutique cyber security consultancy and it has evolved into a leading MSSP. During this journey we have gained unique insights into customer pain points that we are tackling with Point-in-time assessments are security audits of the past. The only way to survive in today’s hostile cyber world is with real-time data that constantly tracks and monitors risks. This allows teams to prioritise their cyber efforts and access accurate data that is essential in keeping their business safe,” said Oliver Spence, CEO of Cybaverse.

Engineered to reduce risk and fortify digital assets, has already garnered attention from insurance providers for its potential to lower premiums for businesses. By integrating multiple security measures, the platform not only defends against cyber incidents but also paves the way for financial savings through reduced insurance costs.

From proactive security management to real-time updates and threat reports, ensures organisations have the resources needed to stay ahead of threats. The platform will also continuously be developed and enhanced with new features to suit client’s ever-changing security needs.

Key features of the platform today, include:

Penetration testing - supporting all penetration testing requirements and offering real time updates and free retests.

CybaAssess - quick guides and support to ensure Cyber Essentials Certification is seamless.

CybaPlus - guides and support in demonstrating the required evidence to meet the requirements of Cyber Essentials Plus.

External Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning - weekly scans on infrastructure with all results pulled back into an easy to interpret dashboard.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning - scanning web applications with all results pulled back into a simple view for easy action.

Cyber Security Assessment - a snapshot view of an organisation’s cyber security posture with Cybaverse’s assessment which aligns with the NCSC top 10.

Training - Allows clients to browse carefully crafted cyber security courses designed to educate and inform staff. From onboarding to awareness, the course library is consistently growing to meet the needs of organisations.

“Managing and tracking security threats has become a complex task for all businesses today. Teams often must navigate across multiple platforms to understand their security status, but this vendor sprawl often leads to gaps and an incomplete view on risk. Criminals will work to exploit these gaps and launch devastating attacks on businesses. We are eradicating this problem with Users are provided with a unified view of security across their digital estate, allowing them to track their risk posture and prioritise their efforts. This cuts out complexities and provides a more streamlined way to monitor and manage security,” continued Spence.

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