Exabeam launches Cyberversity EMEA

A community effort designed to give back to aspiring cybersecurity professionals and increase industry-wide diversity through knowledge sharing and networking.

Exabeam has launched Exabeam Cyberversity EMEA, an interactive educational experience aimed at increasing diversity and closing the skills gap in the cybersecurity industry. Participants, including students, recent graduates, and those curious about a career in cybersecurity, will get a chance to learn from Exabeam security experts and other established industry professionals.

The talent shortage remains a top concern for the UK cybersecurity sector. In the last year, almost half of cyber sector firms (49%) have faced problems with technical cybersecurity skills, according to UK Government research*. The industry also continues to struggle with diversity. While some progress has been made over the last three years, women comprise only 22% of the cybersecurity workforce (up from 15% in 2020) and hold just 13% of senior roles. Ethnic minority representation has increased to 25% from 16% in 2020.

Exabeam recognises there is an ongoing need for industry-wide initiatives to build diversity in the recruitment pool and as an employer is committed to advocating for diverse cyber recruitment to help shift the culture and raise awareness of diverse candidates’ needs.

“Our objective here is twofold: get people interested in a career in cybersecurity and increase minority representation throughout the industry,” said Richard Orange, vice president of EMEA, Exabeam. “We are passionate about investing in the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, and we hope that launching Exabeam Cyberversity in EMEA will raise awareness and help to create opportunities.”

Samantha Humphries, head of security strategy EMEA, Exabeam, added “The demand for cybersecurity professionals has grown in recent years, and untapped talent is out there. Our collective mission as an industry is to break down unfair barriers to entry and make meaningful efforts toward diversity and inclusion. This will ultimately mean better decision-making, diverse hires and balanced teams,” concluded Humphries.

Exabeam Cyberversity allows attendees to meet some of Exabeam’s foremost customer success, engineering, and product experts as well as cybersecurity leaders from the broader Exabeam community at large, including customers, industry experts, and partners. The global Cyberversity programme has already seen security experts from organizations such as Canadian Tire, Castra, Chevron Federal Credit Union, Meissner Filtration, and others involved in providing their expertise and guidance.

Exabeam Cyberversity virtual sessions will cover topics such as cybersecurity career expectations, job hunting techniques, identifying technical and non-technical opportunities on the market today, and more. Attendees will also learn about enterprise cybersecurity programmes as well as scholarship and internship opportunities across participating organizations.

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