Sunday, 19th September 2021

Quantum solves exabyte-scale data management challenges

Provides unlimited scalability without sacrificing performance or availability, allowing enterprises to extract more value from growing data stores.

Quantum has announced a new release of ActiveScale™ object storage software that reshapes the way organisations store, manage, and extract value from their growing stores of unstructured data. ActiveScale 6.0 software delivers unlimited scalability, and consistent performance at any scale without compromising data availability, durability, and security. This software is now available as a subscription on qualified platforms including the new ActiveScale X200 platform, a simplified and converged system platform that delivers high-density, high-capacity storage in a small footprint. ActiveScale 6.0 software is also now available for purchase through Supermicro®, giving customers more purchasing options and flexibility to deploy ActiveScale software on the platform of their choice.

“The acceleration toward digital transformation is also accelerating data growth, and we want our customers to have the tools they need to use data to drive their businesses forward,” said Jamie Lerner, President and CEO, Quantum. “The seamless scalability of our ActiveScale software positions them to use their data, regardless of how much there is, to its greatest potential – whether they’re making new scientific discoveries, identifying the business trends that give them a competitive edge, or delivering the next mega hit to the big screen.”

Innovations in genomics, AI/ML, earth and space sciences, and the use of video are driving explosive data growth. IT and data centre managers are challenged to not only affordably store this data but also keep this data easily accessible for ongoing research, remodelling, and reuse. ActiveScale 6.0 and the new X200 platform meet this need with simple, high-performance access at greater system density, increasing user productivity and greatly reducing overall management, power and infrastructure costs.

The new ActiveScale 6.0 software provides unlimited expansion of capacity, processing, and object count, making it easy to grow and manage massive data. With ActiveScale, organisations can seamlessly expand compute, networking, and storage resources for consistent performance at scale with no performance tuning or rebalancing required. The unique, two-layer software architecture optimises flash and disk resources, employing real-time heuristics to dynamically place data across all system resources in parallel for maximum efficiency and balanced long-term performance. This is in direct contrast to other object storage solutions that employ static or deterministic data layout policies that directly lead to hotspots and rebalancing tasks that overwhelm the system as it grows.

Quantum’s ActiveScale X200 object storage platform is a new, simplified and converged system platform, benefitting from the latest generation of high-density, high-capacity server technologies. Within a standard data centre rack, as compared to the previous generation platform, an X200 three-module ActiveScale object storage cluster now supports:

•78% greater storage density (14.6 petabytes raw),

•up to 7X greater sustained throughput (up to 51 gigabytes per second), and

•6X more objects (30 billion)

These greater capabilities reduce overall system footprint and simplify deployment in both large and small configurations. When scaling out with the new platform, capacity, performance and object count are unlimited, creating a unified system cluster that grows to exabytes of capacity and billions of objects. Current ActiveScale customers benefit with the ability to easily expand their existing ActiveScale clusters with the new platform.

The ActiveScale X200 joins the recently announced ActiveScale P100E3 entry object storage platform. With the expanded portfolio, ActiveScale systems can be deployed from hundreds of terabytes to hundreds of exabytes and beyond.

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