Nokia AirFrame enhanced with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

State-of-the-art processors provide superior speeds, data throughput and lower energy consumption.

Nokia'sNokiaAirFramedatacentersolutions will be upgraded with the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon ScalableProcessors toincreasetheircompute capacity,fasterdatalanesand highermemorycapacity. As a result of Nokia and Intel’s close working partnership, the AirFrame products will beupgraded immediately following the availability of the latest processors.

Nokia’s AirFrame data center is designed for running demanding virtualized and cloud-nativesoftware workloads in the 5G era. It supports network functionalities and addresses strictlatency constraints in order to process huge data demands critical in delivering services withreal-time responsiveness including applications and services at the edge. The inclusion of the Intel Xeon ScalableProcessors will provide faster speeds, superior data throughput and lower energyconsumptiontosupportNokia’s 5GAirScaleCloudRAN and5GCloudCoresolutions.

Leveraging Intel’s 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, Nokia AirFrame can better power Nokia’s AirScale all-in-cloudvirtual RAN (vRAN) and 5G core solutions to meet the requirements demanded by 5Gtechnologies. Nokia’s AirScale Cloud RAN virtualizes radio functions to deliver ultra-lowlatency and high bit rates for demanding services, as well as providing the flexibility todeliver scalability,agilityand operationalefficiencytomeetdemand.

Nokia and Intel have a long-standing collaboration which highlights Nokia’s continued focus on the development of its 5G portfolio, strengthening AirScale and leveraging the latest silicon chip design technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

Pasi Toivanen, Head of Edge Cloud at Nokia, commented: “Thispartnership highlights our continued commitment to ensuring our 5G portfolio is underpinnedby best-in-class technology. 5G networks need to support billions of devices and machines,and this massive increase in volume and scale means that existing infrastructure andcomponents must evolve rapidly, adopting technologies and techniques to enable to deploy5G networksquickly.”

Cristina Rodriguez, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Wireless Access Network Division, said: “Transforming the network with technology innovations from the core to the edge enables the full potential of 5G. Through our continued collaboration with Nokia, AirFrame will take advantage of the enhanced capabilities offered by the latest generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors and our platform ingredients including Ethernet adapters and accelerators, giving operators a high performance and optimized solution that can scale across their network workloads from core to edge.”

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