Eliminate hesitations: security simplified for those building in the cloud

Trend Micro is one of the first security SaaS providers to offer flexible platform of cloud security services under single listing in AWS Marketplace, enabling self-service protection.

Trend Micro has announced the AWS Marketplace debut of its answer to the needs of organizations building in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS). A comprehensiveplatform, referred to as Trend Micro Cloud One, designed to protect across leading cloud-based environments with services designed for applications, network, workloads, file storage, containers and cloud security posture management.

“We applaud Trend Micro for building security services suited for buyers who innovate on AWS and participate in the shared responsibility model,” said Kamlesh Talreja, General Manager, AWS Marketplace, AWS. “AWS Marketplace is the first cloud marketplace to offer Trend Micro Cloud One, enabling developers to access the flexible pricing, customizable contracts, and rapid deployment they need.”

According to Gartner, “Enterprises are increasingly implementing hybrid data center architectures, with workloads spanning on-premises and public cloud IaaS providers and, increasingly, container-based implementations leveraging serverless functions. However, elastic, cloud-native-style applications have unique security requirements that are quite different from end-user-facing systems. To securely embrace the opportunities of public cloud and to support the speed and dynamism of cloud environments, workload protection solutions designed to meet these requirements should be used.”

Many companies today have at least some presence in the cloud, including moving towards containers and serverless deployments.

“AWS and Trend Micro got this seamless integration right. We can now focus on innovating while having confidence that Cloud One’s security is provisioned automatically with an audit trail for each instance of malware and vulnerability detection and integrity monitoring. Cloud One gives us the breadth and depth of services and the flexibility to switch on the functionality we need, when we need it,” said MJ DiBerardino, CEO, Cloudnexa.

Trend Micro mirrors the self-service, pay-as-you-go procurement model offered by AWS. This simplifies everything related to cloud builds from volume negotiation to API integrations. Customers have the investment benefit of security flexibility as application designs evolve over time with the assurance not to overburden the organization’s security teams.

“AWS Marketplace makes it easy for users to get the right tools for the job at hand. This new listing allows users to easily get the security tools they need for the applications they are building in the cloud,” said Trend Micro COO, Kevin Simzer. “Regardless of an organization’s structure or existing cloud footprint, our cloud services simplify the protection of everything being built in the cloud, while ensuring necessary regulatory compliance.”

Future-proofing a business investment is a key decision that will benefit security teams, developers and procurement teams alike. As digital transformation continues, this procurement motion provides the flexibility to use as much of each service as needed, whenever it is needed, without managing multiple subscriptions. This is the true platform procurement experience.

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