Monday, 2nd August 2021

New version of StorPool SDS, v19

Top improvements include data centre scale deployments and multi IT stack support.

StorPool has introduced its new version - StorPool v19. With it, the distributed storage vendor caters to the needs of companies with multiple deployments in multiple data centers and to companies, which manage large-scale storage environments. Other notable features in StorPool v19 are extended multi-stack support, lower latency for NVMe storage, and improved bare-metal Kubernetes support.

New Features

Multi-Cluster Feature - large-scale deployments (10 PB and up)

Adds the ability to scale the storage system in one physical location, by creating a cluster of clusters and moving data seamlessly between these clusters. In this way customers with large block-level workloads can have multi-petabyte all-flash systems. StorPool also has built in functionality to backup the primary data to another offsite (backup) location.

Multi IT stack support

Another high-value feature from StorPool v19 is the multi-stack support. It is especially useful for larger companies, which need the freedom to manage multiple IT stacks with mixed workloads. StorPool’s multi-stack support allows one storage system to provide shared storage to multiple IT stacks – Windows, VMware, KVM, Kubernetes (K8S), bare metal, and more. This gives StorPool’s customers the freedom to shift workloads between several IT stacks easily and to achieve unseen levels of agility and flexibility.

iSCSI on Layer 3 datacenter networks

Now the StorPool iSCSI target also supports Layer 3 routed datacenter networks (next to the existing Layer 3 support through the StorPool native driver). Support for iSCSI on Layer 3 networks is also used in large scale deployments, where Layer 3 datacenter-wide networks are preferred over layer 2 networks.

iSCSI persistent reservations

This new feature is useful to Microsoft users. It enables them to use:

- Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) for Hyper-V
- Windows Server Failover Cluster for Microsoft SQL Server
- Scale-Out File Server
- Multi-stack deployments (mixing Microsoft and other hypervisors, like VMware and KVM)

Performance & other Improvements

●Even lower latency - now below 0.1 ms for committed, 3x synchronous replicated systems

●Significantly improved performance for low queue depth workloads

●The StorPool iSCSI target now uses accelerated networking (user-space poll-mode driver), similarly to the StorPool native protocol

●Added support for AMD EPYC hardware sleep. Now AMD CPUs benefit from the same low latency as StorPool on Intel CPUs

●Improved support for Kubernetes Persistent Volumes in bare metal use-cases

StorPool 19 is now being deployed to all new StorPool clusters and is rolled-out to all existing StorPool customers.

“When building a new datacenter, companies often times have a hard time choosing which New-Age technologies to utilize. Imagine a Software-Defined Datacenter project, which needs to deliver a fast and reliable service. It also has to be flexible and future proof, so to protect the investment for years ahead. Ultimately, the best datacenter design should deliver exceptional performance and reliability; should be automated, API driven, scalable and malleable; should support multiple software stacks and use standard hardware of any vendor, in order to eliminate vendor lock-in. Solutions, which can deliver this are New-Age IT. And New-Age storage solutions are key in this design. This is what drives the shift from legacy storage boxes to best-in-class storage software.”, said Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool.

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