Tuesday, 25th February 2020

Performance focuses on endpoint issues

New product helps improve end-user experience by empowering organisations to manage the operational performance of endpoints at scale.

Tanium has introduced an important addition to its product portfolio with the launch of Tanium Performance. With Tanium Performance, IT Operations teams can monitor, investigate, and remediate performance issues at scale on desktops, laptops, and servers.

Identifying and quickly addressing operational performance has become a major challenge for enterprise IT teams today. Most organisations lack visibility into end-user performance, investigating only a fraction of problems ranging from slow computers to application crashes, and often resort to remediating those problems manually.

According to a June 2019 Gartner report 2019 Strategic Roadmap for IT Operations Monitoring, in a Gartner survey, 32% of respondents said that the biggest consumer of their staff resources was troubleshooting performance and availability problems. The report goes on to state, “Most monitoring solutions, while valuable in their own right, have not optimised the process of troubleshooting performance and availability problems. Users often complain of limited visibility with too few tools or too much complexity with too many tools, and everything in between.”

With Tanium Performance, IT teams have the ability to track critical performance metrics related to hardware resource consumption, application health, and system health. IT teams can then define and be alerted to performance-related events, as well as visualise recent problems and their commonalities. These features enable users to proactively resolve problems, improving end user productivity overall.

Ryan Kazanciyan, Chief Technology Officer at Tanium explains: “Most organisations lack visibility into endpoint performance issues, and when end users do report problems, IT teams often resort to manual troubleshooting processes that fail to identify the root causes of them. Businesses need to identify and resolve performance-related issues before they lead to disruptions. Our newest offering will help our customers manage the operational performance of endpoints and improve the end-user experience.”

Tanium Performance also provides IT teams with access to rich historical data for a single endpoint, so that they can effectively troubleshoot problems and lower mean time to repair. Customers can then use this data to make better decisions about IT initiatives related to software and hardware changes.

Tanium Performance includes the following features and benefits:

Monitor and notify on critical performance metrics

  • Tanium Performance tracks hardware resource consumption, application health, and system health
  • Users can define rules regarding negative performance conditions

Proactively analyse the health of endpoints and triage problems

  • Tanium Performance visualises what problems have occurred and the commonalities between them

Troubleshoot problems with rich historical data

  • Users can understand what performance events have occurred on each endpoint
  • The product enables users to visualise live and historical process-level resource consumption data to troubleshoot problems
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