Gemalto partners with NetApp

Deliver integrated cloud storage and data security solution for Amazon Web Services customers.

Gemalto will partner with NetApp to offer an integrated storage, encryption and key management solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. The solution brings together SafeNet Virtual KeySecure and NetApp Cloud ONTAPas a unified offer on AWS Marketplace and enables organizations to seamlessly store and encrypt their data and applications in virtual environments while maintaining business agility and complete ownership of their encryption keys.
Organizations moving to cloud-based services are seeking storage network encryption that protects data used in their applications without affecting user productivity. Many existing encryption services can integrate with cloud services but fall short by failing to provide customers with complete control over the keys that govern access to stored data.
SafeNet Virtual KeySecure for NetApp Cloud ONTAP addresses this scenario by offering efficient, centralized key management for virtualized environments by enforcing customizable security policies for data access. It combines NetApp's modern storage infrastructure with Gemalto's industry-leading SafeNet key management, protecting customers' data and encryption keys against unauthorized access, while simultaneously making the most efficient use of their storage investments.
"NetApp's storage expertise is a perfect fit with Gemalto's proven key management technology," said Todd Moore, Vice President of Data Encryption Product Management at Gemalto. "AWS users can now turn to NetApp to manage, store and protect their data can do so even more confidently than ever before, while maintaining 100 percent ownership of their encryption keys."
"The NetApp Data Fabric enables enterprises the freedom to use cloud services to enable their business," said Tim Russell, Vice President of Product Management for NetApp. "The combination of NetApp Cloud ONTAP and Gemalto SafeNet Virtual KeySecure extends data management services in the AWS Cloud to help secure access to sensitive data for our joint customers."
NetApp Cloud ONTAP provides a flexible data storage solution that fits a wide range of customer storage requirements, from small-capacity, low-performance applications to medium-scale applications with higher performance needs. Combined with SafeNet Virtual KeySecure, users can automate IT processes associated with risk mitigation, while improving business agility and enabling faster application deployment. Customers can easily integrate with their existing applications and realize greater ROI by reducing overall IT costs and only paying for the cloud resources they use.
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