Friday, 18th October 2019

Artmotion boosts data privacy with enhanced encryption  

Swiss data centre confronts customer fears of government snooping with increased levels of data encryption for its dedicated servers

To further increase the security of its clients’ data, Swiss data centre provider Artmotion has introduced dedicated encrypted servers as part of its secure service offering.

Based on HP’s Secure Encryption software, the new offering will allow Artmotion to encrypt data on both the attached bulk storage and cache module of the Smart Array Px3x controller of its servers. By securing customers’ data with unique encryption keys, this technology will help to ensure that even Artmotion will be unable to access the information stored on its servers. This solution, combined with the company’s existing SSL VPN services will help to ensure maximum protection across both Artmotion’s physical hard drives and their related data connections.

In addition to providing a higher degree of encryption, the new offering will also help Artmotion’s customers - which include several Fortune 500 companies – to ensure compliance with the very latest data privacy legislation, including HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

The new encryption measures will run on Artmotion’s dedicated servers. Whereas many data centres still rely on “shared hosting plans”, Artmotion ensures that each of its clients is provided with their own dedicated server. Through this system, customers can be assured that all of the resources on their servers belong exclusively to them, reducing the risk of third parties infiltrating their data.

Commenting on these new services, Mateo Meier, CEO of Artmotion, said: “Following the on-going scandals surrounding GCHQ and the NSA, both businesses and consumers are more concerned about the security of their data than ever before. As such, unlike many European data centres, Artmotion does not compromise the security of its data by including any backdoors or “master keys” for use by government organisations.

“At Artmotion we have a commitment to individual privacy and have worked hard to ensure that all of our customers’ data is secure. The decision to include Secure Encryption represents a continuation of this commitment.”

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