84% of IT managers are yet to make the most of cloud computing

Abiquo survey reveals alarming statistics on lack of cloud strategy and integration.

84% of IT managers are yet to make the most of cloud technology, according to research by cloud software provider Abiquo. The survey highlights an alarming trend of IT managers failing to effectively adopt cloud services to improve business efficiency.

The survey carried out at Cloud Expo Europe reveals that 60% of IT managers feel their business’s IT strategy isn’t under control or providing what is needed. 57% of them said they have no defined cloud strategy to follow at all.

78% of businesses questioned do not manage their cloud technology from a single interface (instead using a convoluted cloud setup) and almost two-thirds said they aren’t automating the allocation of networking resources to efficiently fulfil cloud services. It was therefore unsurprising that 47% of businesses are making technology and cloud decisions without getting the IT department involved.

Jim Darragh, CEO, Abiquo said: “We’ve been talking to lots of businesses about difficulties in effectively adopting cloud and time and time again the same issues are coming up: it’s not self-service, there’s no single interface for technology, the components aren’t working together. The bigger players in the cloud market aren’t solving these problems yet they control the market share. This is causing frustration in the industry and confusing IT managers.”

Abiquo recently launched EverythinQ, which is the integration of its software with the third-party infrastructure-based components businesses are currently using for cloud operation and management. This enables businesses to manage everything from a unified platform.

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