Thursday, 5th August 2021

Searching for the integration solution

Ontology’s semantic search tools could short circuit the need for many integration projects, and putting appropriate data together is the ultimate goal

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Branchentreff auf den „POWERING THE CLOUD“ Veranstaltungen – Konferenzinformiert über Speicher-, Virtualisierungs- und Rechenzentrumstechnologien

Nach zehn Jahren ist die SNW Europe, Teil der „Powering the Cloud“-Reihe, Europas größte herstellerunabhängige Konferenz zu diesen Themen

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Targeting HANA at private clouds

Expect to see more of this approach from American Digital of packaging up applications with the security and management environment needed to be delivered , pre-configured, as private cloud services.

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Merging for governance and risk

Specialist SaaS vendors Virima and Aruvio have merged to hit a sweeter spot in what constitutes the right governance, risk and compliance point solution.

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MSP becomes the latest to commit to industry best practice scheme.

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Free Android apps? BYOD users should beware

The latest survey by Juniper networks suggest that rogue Android apps stores offering free apps are a major source of malicious apps, fanning security fears for BYOD users

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Despite 99% of IT professionals believing that cloud services are essential to the success of their...
As the cloud becomes the primary model for both IT and line-of-business professionals around the...
Pure Storage has introduced Pure Storage Cloud Data Services, a suite of new cloud offerings that ru...
Flexiant has joined BEACON, a HORIZON 2020 Research Program consortium, worth €3.6 Million for...
Datto has introduced enhancements to all product lines. Announced during DattoCon Barcelona, these i...
More than two-thirds (67 per cent) of organisations admit that unauthorised cloud applications ar...
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Security considerations for private Cloud

Cybersecurity today can feel complex, especially if you are moving to or managing cloud security. But it doesn’t have to be. Hear from Rackspace Principal Architect, Luke Huckaba, as he explains some of the major concerns around Private Cloud and Security, and how Rackspace is helping to solve these issues both internally and for customers.

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