Thursday, 5th August 2021

Report outlines distinctive national and regional characteristics of nation-state driven cyber attacks

FireEye, Inc. has announced the release of a report titled, “World War C: Understanding Nation-State Motives Behind Today’s Advanced Cyber Attacks” that describes the unique international and local characteristics of cyber attack campaigns waged by governments worldwide.

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Over half of security professionals struggle to detect intruders

Organisations are increasing their defences but it still isn’t enough to protect against today’s threats.

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Insurance Giant Allianz partners with Incoming Thought

Cyber crime and data breaches are considered one of the top emerging risks for the 21st century and companies need to act now to protect their assets.

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ICO carries resolution encouraging greater co-ordination of global data protection enforcement

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has won a resolution in Warsaw which is set to see improved co-ordination between global data protection and privacy authorities.

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Employees causing security threats

Nearly 30% of employees are using personal cloud services to store work-related documents, according to a survey conducted at recent technology trade shows in which 5% of respondents also admitted to uploading confidential data to their personal cloud accounts. The severity of this threat to their employers is the subject of a new report from Varonis Systems, Inc., the leading provider of access, governance and retention solutions for human-generated data, which conducted the survey.

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China Comservice selects Wontok

China Comservice, a leading provider of information and communication technology services in the People's Republic of China, has selected Wontok's cloud and endpoint security solutions to protect its consumer and enterprise customers. Comservice is reinforcing its existing security offering with Wontok's full suite of security solutions, which protect personal and corporate data on everything from the desktop to mobile devices. Comservice has more than 10,000 employees and 1.5 mil...

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According to Atlas VPN estimations, damages caused by cybercrime are expected to reach more than $27...
Alert Logic has published the results of a survey conducted amongst 317 security professionals in...
A new survey of enterprise IT security leaders showed an overwhelming majority--almost 80 percent--b...
Conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the 16th annual study highlights that half of organizations have...
The security software market is undergoing a dramatic transformation due to four key developments,...
Two-year study shows decline in Cyber Resilience in 2016.
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